Teflon Coating for car

You can’t maintain the gloss of that shiny metal which you have purchased a year or say 2 year ago with your hard earned money. The paint of car constantly fades away with time. There are many reasons for that like Sun’s radiation , Acid rain, using chemicals to wash, and some times poor quality of paint work by manufacturer. For this constantly fading paint some people opt for wax. Waxes provides the shine for a short period of time. You can’t expect wax to give shine for year long. Apart from giving shine waxes can be big burden for you. As during hot summer the cheap quality chemicals in these waxes begin to melt. Which makes the car surface sticky. Due to which dirt and pollutants starts to stick around your car. So what’s the solution to bring that shine. Its  Teflon Coating. it provides the long term benefits for car owner. Teflon coating helps to regain the car its premium look and stay glossy.

What is Teflon Coating for Car ?

Teflon coat is a anti corrosive coat for the car metal .Teflon Coating is one of the latest trend to coat the car exterior. Its basically a non-stick coating & Protectant. It protects your cars paint finish in one application.. Its a coating done on exterior of the car. This rust preventive coating is 2 mm thick. Which protects the car paint from UVs and rust. So that it can maintain its shine.

Pros of the Teflon coat in car

  • Provide resistant to UV rays
  • It provides glossy look.No matter if car is met with minor accidents or small dents. After coating of this thick Teflon car looks like a showroom one. It retains that glossy mirror look.
  • Helps to protect paint layer.
  • Provides resistance to minor scratches.As teflon is a thick and slippery coat .It protects the cars surface from scratches caused by dust pollutants or bushes .
  • It can restore the dullness.

Procedure of Teflon Coating for car


First the minor dust particles are removed by the car duster or micro fiber cloth. Its must to do basic dusting before a complete car wash because some times these dust particles can give a scratchy look

teflon coating for car


After dusting the car is washed completely. Its time to wash the car thoroughly . A deep car wash provides the maximum quality of Teflon coat. As its important to clean each and every particle from the car paint. Its mandatory to give a shampoo wash to your car. After washing it completely, its time to dry it with a micro fiber cloth.

Teflon coating car wash


Now its time to polish your car with a cutting compound. Normal car waxes or polishes can be used to complete these process. This process helps out to remove swirl marks, minor scratches from the paint. A complete car body buff is mandate for this process.

teflon coating for car

Now the next step is

Teflon Coating

Now its time for flouro-polymer coat. Basically teflon is a kinda synthetic wax. Teflon has a very pungent smell. So applying it evenly is a tough task. However its smell goes after few hours. It forms the protective layer all around the paint where its applied. After some time when its dried, its time to rub the Teflon coat all around the car. Its done so that it can attain its shine.

teflon coated car

Teflon Coating is quite affordable solution to give your car a shiny look again. It comes with around 6-8 months life. You can expect to maintain shine for a year in some cases. But it needs a trained painter to achieve that high quality finish.

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