Spark Plug Issues & Solutions

A spark plug is the heart of Combustion chamber. It gives the spark to the gasoline to ignite it. It ignite a cylinder when piston is near or at top dead center. If it sparks early it will lead to detonation. If it sparks late engine pressure would be too low. So the timing of spark matters a lot.Without a effective spark plug all the power of battery would be wasted. Are you facing issues with spark plugs? Lets have a solution for all issues related to spark plugs.

How can you diagnose a Issue in Spark plugs


The common reason for misfiring in engine is issue in spark plugs, no voltage, may be vaccum leak or weak fuel injector. As the spark plug is dependable for controlled explosions inside the chamber. So its always better to check spark plugs first. As its easily reachable.But you cant notice the firing pattern. In this case one or more spark plugs are faulty. Your mechanic will notice the pattern and will try to troubleshoot it.

If you facing issues while igniting the engine

If your engine is not igniting as usual it may be the sign of issue in spark plugs, Dead battery or Alternator. But if alternator and battery is all good. Then you have to check the spark plugs. And in many cases just to reinstall it after cleaning.

Acceleration problem

Are you noticing a drop in acceleration even after pressing the pedal hard?There can be more issues in your car but it can be easily cured if it’s the spark plug. Sometimes spark plug  is unable to fire the rich air fuel mixture, which results in sluggish or poor acceleration.

Low fuel economy

If any of your spark plug is foul, it will spark before the regular interwal. Which will result in more consumption of gasoline. So you cant expect a good economy with a faulty spark plug

Rough Idling

Are you noticing the knocking , shaky noise or some rattles even when your car is standing idle. It can be a issue in your spark plug. Which is not firing sequence wise.

The causes of carbon fouling in Spark plugs  are:

  • The deposition of the carbon leads to the fouling of spark plug
  • Carburetor is unhealthy
  • Fault in fuel injectors
  • Less oxygeen
  • Clogging in the chamber
  • Delay in the Ignition
  • Plug is heated beyond limit
Spark plugs issues and solutions
issues in spark plugs& solution

Solution : How to change the spark plug

Hope you folks noticed some common issues in spark plugs, now lets have a solution to these faulty spark plugs.

Spark plug issues & solutions
  • First of all don’t try to touch the hot engine. You have to let it cool at room temperature
  • Once its cooled clean the crea around the spark plugs. Then put some penetrating fluid on the plugs leave them for 5 minutes.
  • After that with the help of a wrench remove them.
  • Check the spark plugs condition if there is less carbon, try to remove it with abrasive paper.
  • But if its in dead condition just take the new one.
  • Put the new sparkplug in place with wrench, without putting extra load. Plugs needs to be fixe at right grip not too tight not too loose. Both can be hazardous.

Or You can just visit the nearby Mechanic shop, who can operate your vehicle.

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