Electric car in india

Electric Cars in India are creating a buzz in Indian market. As government also want to promote these EV, as a go green initiative. These cars are can help India to improve its rank on pollution. As in global index ranks quite high due to all these polluting elements exhausted by diesel and petrol engines. India have seen quite good response in 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler electric vehicle segment. But is india ready for 4 wheel green vehicle. As these vehicle are more loaded , do government have enough resources to provide power charging facilities to such big cars. Lets find out whats the future of Electric car in India

electric car in india

How does this Electric Car operate?

Electric car is car which is propelled by electric motors,which get energy from Batteries. These car use rechargable batteries as a power source instead of combustible oils.

As Tesla already indicated to enter the india electric car market, Automakers are keen to try n test their electric vehicles

Main Issues which Electric car will face in India.

The main and biggest issue is charging facilities. India is one of the largest countries. Its 3214 km long and 2933 km wide.                                  

  • Can a buyer travel whole country with this electric vehicle?                    
  • Can he find the charging station at regular intervals?                      
  •  How long can a buyer drive this vehicle after charging it fully?             

These are some charging related question which are daunting buyers.

electric car in india

Can these cars provide the power which heavy diesel engine provides. As many people are questioning about its Bhp and torque. It’s a obvious questions from buyers end that , why they opt for EV engines rather than diesel or petrol ones.

Now comes to service, will automakers provide service of EV like they do for Diesel and petrol ones?

Next issue is are these car all green? Or they too have some grey area.

Advantages of Electric Cars

Electric vehicles have much lower operating cost when compared to diesel engines . Its arround 60% cheaper then diesel ones when compared to power consumption and service charges.

Electric Cars have less chances of wear and tear so it will reduce the spare part cos for sure.

It provide smooth driving experience over noisy diesel one’s

Lets Check what Automakers are planning

Right now industry leader in Electric vehicle is Tesla. They are present in North America (US and Canada), Europe, UK, China, Hong Kong and Australia. In 2018-2019 it generated whooping 17.6 billion U.S. dollars from its EV. So things are working from them. But can they survive in India, or say other manufacturers will launch EV in India.

electric car in india

In Indian market the brands which launched their Electric cars or deciding to launch in Auto Expo 2020 are Hyundai , Mahindra , MG , Audi , Tata .

Hyundai has already launched Kona. This electric car by Hyundai was launched in June. In these 7 months its figure are disastrous. Hyundai was able to sell only 280 cars. Some will say that its effect of Global crisis , markets are down. But wait the same Hyundai have sold their best product Creta 42000 times in same period. Isn’t it a big issue?

In India only 1300 electric Cars were sold in last 7-8 months. It’s a quite indigestible that if they are so good to environment then peoples are hesitating to buy them. Or Automakers want to promote their Combustion engine only?

Answer to all these questions are buyers are not sure about the advantages of these Electric Cars. Indian Automakers and government should try to promote and educate the buyers about its Pros. But before that to run these electric cars government should atleast propose charging stations. So that people can even think to buy these vehicles

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