Ceramic Coating for Car

Everyone know that car surface is constantly attacked by mud, dust , rain, bird shit . Washing cars everyday can result in loss of shine due to chemicals in shampoo. Then what to do? Wax or Teflon? But Car owners are looking for wax and Teflon alternatives. As Teflon lasts for 6-8 months.  Car owners who are looking for long term shine are moving towards Ceramic coating. Ceramic coat for car is new technology buzzing around the Auto market. As everyone wants to have a shiny glossy looking car , so some are opting for this ceramic coat.

Ceramic coating for car

When the ceramic coat  is applied on painted cars surface, it makes a strong bond with the car paint. It cant be removed with the aid of chemicals, once its applied it can only be removed through Abrasion. This ceramic coat life is depend upon the skill of worker. If the coat is applied evenly it can be useful for lifetime.

Advantages of Ceramic coating

  • As this is the thick coating it protect car surface from dirt, chemicals and even from scratches
  • It’s the lifelong coat. Buyers don’t have to worry about coating it yearly .
  • After ceramic coat is applied its easier to clean surface because of its hydrophobic in nature. It doesnot allow anything to stick in cars surface
  • Its much better than wax and Teflon, in terms of durability strength and shine.

Procedure of Applying a Ceramic coat

Ceramic coating for car

Dusting the Car

In the first place we have to remove minor dust particles by the car duster or micro fiber cloth. It helps to clean those tiny dirt particles. So we just have to use duster by soft hand.

Ceramic coating for car

Car wash

Additionally we have to wash the car properly with a shampoo. . A deep car wash provides the maximum quality of cermic coat. As its important to clean each and every particle from the car paint. Its mandatory to give a shampoo wash to your car. After washing it completely, its time to dry it with a micro fiber cloth.

Ceramic coating for car

Paint Correction

Now we have to do denting painting work. If car had minor accident or scratches we have to fill them all.

Next we have spray the degreaser in all over the painted area. So that any type of wax is removed from the car body. Now its time to clean up the car surface with a micro fiber cloth.


Ceramic coating is one of the hardest coating applied on cars body. It’s a sacrificial layer to car paint. Carborundum, is the product which is used in its manufacturing. It forms a chemical bond with the car paint. Its applied evenly and slowly with micro fiber cloth. Its all checmical product so without latex gloves its not recommended at all.

Its done in steps parts by parts.

Ceramic coating for car

When a particular parts get coated its left for 5 minutes to dry a bit. Then its wiped again with the help of micro fiber cloth so that evenly surface can be achieved

Ceramic coating for car

And at last all the coated surface is buffed. And car is left untouched for 24 hours so that maximum finish can be achieved. Car ceramic coating is a expensive service. But its cost effective because buyers have to pay it once. It lasts for life long. That’s the only reason that car owners are preferring ceramic coating to their cars to maintain it shine .

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