Wheel Allignment tips

Maximum people care about engine oil, coolant , Mileage, Engine noise. And we regularly check these things so we can save our vehicle life. But maximum people left out the wheel by just checking the air pressure. Wheels are the only point of contact between your vehicle and road. We drive through rough roads, pot […]

Car Radiator : Automobile Surgeon

Car Radiator

A radiator is a device which is used to transfer the thermal energy from one medium to other. They are basically type of heat exchangers which is used for cooling or heating purpose. Car radiator is responsible for the cooling down the coolant, so that coolant can cool down the engine. Radiator absorb the heat […]

Ceramic coating for car

Ceramic Coating for Car

Everyone know that car surface is constantly attacked by mud, dust , rain, bird shit . Washing cars everyday can result in loss of shine due to chemicals in shampoo. Then what to do? Wax or Teflon? But Car owners are looking for wax and Teflon alternatives. As Teflon lasts for 6-8 months.  Car owners […]

Verna is all set to have Seltos drivetrain

After Creta, Verna is all set to use drive train of Kia Seltos . Kia is creating new benchmarks everyday, Now the South Korean giants planing to launch their much awaited MPV i.e; Carnival. Meanwhile their huge success Seltos is already ruling the Indian streets. Now the Hyundai is planing is to take 1.5 lt […]

Kia launching a MPV after Seltos huge success

The Korean carmaker Kia has introduced its Seltos in India this year. It has slowly gained the trust of the Indians. Now they have decided to launch a premium MPV. This vehicle is a luxury SUV. Luxurious MPV The Kia Carnival has more cabin space. This eight-seater is the most comfortable one. It can seat […]