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A radiator is a device which is used to transfer the thermal energy from one medium to other. They are basically type of heat exchangers which is used for cooling or heating purpose. Car radiator is responsible for the cooling down the coolant, so that coolant can cool down the engine. Radiator absorb the heat from the coolant and releases it to the air.

Car Radiator Working

Car Radiator : Automobile Surgeon

Modern car’s comes with the aluminum radiators. Aluminum is light weight metal that why its in prefernce . Before Aluminum brass and coppers radiator were in trend . Car Radiator works on principle of rejecting heat from hot fluid to ambient-air directly through heat transfer coils. Lets have a close look how things work:

  • All modern cars have sensors. Car can easily detects when the engine reaches an unbearable temperature. This indicates the Radiator.which then release the coolant.
  • After this coolant absorbs the heat generated by the combustion process . Whole hot coolant is transfered to radiator. Radiator is made up of fins and tubes, it have large surface area which helps to cool down the fluid. And boost all the process of cooling, a fan is mounted near the radiator.
  • Additionally the radiator sucks in the outside air through its vents, which helps ito increase the cooling power. When the coolant is cooled down, again sensor trigger to radiator. And coolant will be sent to engine, so that it can absorb more heat.

What will happen if Raditor breaks down.

Radiator helps to maintain the overall temperature of the car , so that each combustion process can take place efficiently. If sensors are blocked, i.e; if thermostat is clogged. It will not indicate the radiator to send cooled ccoolant. And temperature in the combustion chamber will rise. If its rised above the limit it can lead in real explosion, or engine can get seized. It’s a high risk that your piston will teared away.

But the most common reason for radiator issue is coolant leaking. Which leads in the low quantity of coolant in the engine. Due to which radiator cant work efficiently. You can notice it yourself if there is a fluid under your park car.

Next reason for radiator damage is internal corrosion. Aluminum is prone to it. So if you don’t change your coolant in every 2 years gap. It can lead to corrosion inside the radiator.

Although sometimes it can also face electrolytic corrosion. If engine has electrical issues. The Voltage transfer to fluid can build up the process of electrolytic corrosion which can destroy the radiators cooling component

Additionally radiator can get continuous damage by Accidents, potholes, bugs, leaves so make sure to look after it in regular intervals.

Car Radiator : Automobile Surgeon

Is it Repairable?

If coolant is leaking it can be definitely repaired.

If radiator is facing corrosion , it can’t be repaired as whole fins and tubes needs to be replaces.

They Can easily repaired if there is a puncture in any tube. By filling it with the method of soldering , brazing etc it can be repaired.

  • First you have lift the vehicle up, using car jacks
  • Then we have to empty whole coolant.
  • Its time to remove the connection of reservoir hose pipe to radiator.
  • Similarly disconnect the radiator from upper and lower hose .
  • Furthermore dismount the cooling fan from radiator.
  • Then remove the radiator, after removing condenser and radiator mounting bolt
  • Take the new radiator and mount it in right position.
  • Install condenser and radiator mounting bolts first
  • Then Mount the fan in position
  • Connect Radiator with lower and upper hose pipes
  • Now you have to fill the coolant in and have to bleed the air from cooling system.
  • Now you are ready with new radiator , not to mention just lower down your vehicle and have a safe ride.

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