Is your Car battery dead.

Is your Car battery is dead.

Early cold morning and you are already late for your office . You just get in your car and found that engine won’t crank because of your dead car battery. Surely it would be a WTF moment. Now you need to get a person who can give you a jump start. Or you will try to connect the battery to a good car battery and sometimes may be Inverter battery. Charge it up until it has enough power to start your machine.

But wait here its a twist
Its not the car battery which is dead its time to check the Alternator, or just replace the connections.

How Alternator Works?

The Alternator in your machine is a kinda mini electrical generator, which is converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The process is called Alternating current. Without this device alternator, the engine in your car would have no spark . Your headlights will get no light, and your heater cant keep you warm and feel comfy in the winter.

Is your Car battery is dead.

Drver can notice the faulty Alternators by checking headlights. Dim Headlights are the first sign. If your engine is slow to crank its a early notice to replace the alternator or you will face , No crank in Engine. You can also feel less electric supply inside the car.
Or you dont have to notice all these if you drive a modern day car. Your dashboard will notify you with red battery light.

But that doesnot mean at all that Alternator will be faulty always, you should also take care of your battery. And start noticing early signs of dead car battery

Why Car Battery is Out of Power

There may be many reasons for the battery issues , some are pointed below:

Suppose you get out of the car and accidentally you left the lights on . Or may be anything which use power , these things will soak all the juice from the battery even when the ignition key is off.

Some times battery is not charged by driving the vehicle, you may have the charging issues. But for this you have to contact a surgeon who can operate on it.

And sometimes are you battery is too old to take any load . So its time to say goodbye to your dead car battery and buy a new one.

You can safely jump start the Dead Car battery by following these steps:

  • Never ever try to jump start a froze battery, it can be extremely hazardous due to its explosive properties. You have to keep dead car battery to a warm room, then try to charge it.
  • Jumper cables are available in market in two color codes, Red is for positive and black one is for negative.
  • Try to pull the other vehicles close to you so you can easily fix the jumper cables
  • Make sure both engines are completely off.
  • Now take the red cable first and connect it to the positive terminal in dead battery. Positive terminal is clearly visible with the + sign.
  • So now you have to connect the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal of charged battery.
  • Take black cable now, and connect it to the negative terminal of charged battery.
  • Now you have to connect the other end of the black cable to the metal of the vehicle with dead car battery. Simply attach it to chasis.
  • Now you have to ignite the good battery car. And rev it on 1500 RPM.It will help in charging the dead battery.
  • Now try to start the vehicle with dead battery.
  • If the engine start successfully , make sure to disconnect all the cables. And disconnect them carefully without touching anywhere.
  • Keep the engine running around 30 minutes,
  • But If engine stops after some time, or say it did’nt crank at all. It can be a issue with your Alternator or charging system. You have to visit a nearby Automobile Surgeon , so that he can inspect it.
Is your Car battery is dead.
Tech tips on car by Automobile surgeon
How long can a car sit before the battery dies?

A car battery will last for 12-15 days, without charging. But you wont be able to ignite the engine if you leave your car for 60-70 days.

What does a dead car battery sound like?

You can notice a clicking noise. When you turn on the key to ignite, engine will crank very slowly or just produce clicking sounds.

How do you know if its the alternator or the battery?

It depends, if the battery is new then in most cases it would be the faulty alternator. You just have to replace connectors sometime and it will start charging. But if battery is old you can notice dim headlights, less horn sound and less electric supply overall.

Will a car battery recharge itself?

Exact answer is NO, battery didnt charge itself, this work alternator do for battery. When engine is in running state its the alternator which provide the power to all .

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